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Shining, Inside and Out

Our friendly staff are fully trained and equipped to give you the best possible oven cleaning results. They bring with them all the tools, cleaning products and elbow grease needed to tackle any kind of oven, in any kind of state​. They will ensure that all the grease, morsels of burnt food and fat lining the inside of your oven will be wiped away, leaving you with a clean, shining oven.

We offer our oven cleaning services all over Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire.

Wiping a ceramic hob during oven cleaning

Seymours Oven Cleaning technicians will give your oven a brilliant, deep clean without making a mess. They will:

  • Protect floor and surrounding area with dust sheets.
  • Remove doors where possible and if needed.
  • Remove racks and pans from oven and place in a dip tank.
  • Remove and clean the knobs and door seal where applicable.
  • Clean the inside of the oven.
  • Separate door glass panels if necessary and clean the door components.

  • Put door back together and re-hang.
  • Put seal back in position on the oven.
  • Check seals and lights and recommend if replacements are required.
  • Remove racks pans and other from dip tank, rinse and dry, then return to the oven.
  • Clean exterior of the oven and replace knobs.
  • Tidy up and leave area clean.

You will be amazed!

We don’t just make ovens beautiful again. As well as cleaning ovens, we clean Aga cookers, barbecues, hobs, microwaves, splash-backs and extractor hoods.

For bookings or free quotes call 0800 086 9020 or
01268 919050

What our Customers Say…

“My oven looks absoulutely smashing … it will be a shame to have to cook and make the oven dirty again.”

D. Dodsworth, Maidstone

“Seymours Oven Cleaning were very professional. They arrived on time, protected my kitchen floor and did an excellent job of cleaning my oven.”

M. Rodgers, Upminster, Essex

Family-friendly & fume free

We only use safe, tested products in your home. Unlike many of the oven cleaning products you buy in your local supermarket, we use products that are strong enough to remove the grime from your oven and appliances without leaving a strong smell of chemicals behind. You will be able to use your oven as soon as we have finished your oven clean.

We can clean other large appliances too!

Our appliance cleaning service includes cleaning Fridges, Fridge/Freezers, Washing Machines & Dishwashers

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