Book an Oven Clean or Find a New Oven

//Book an Oven Clean or Find a New Oven

Book an Oven Clean or Find a New Oven

It is always nice to have our oven cleaning work complimented. A compliment we often hear is that a freshly cleaned oven looks like new. That comment is often followed by another, that the customer was wondering whether to book an oven clean or whether to pay out for a new oven. That is clearly a big decision in terms of time, effort and money, an oven clean costs from £45.00, a new oven costs from £150.00.

To help you make the decision there follows some signs to check. Find any of the following and it may suggest your oven needs more help than just booking an oven cleaning.

Recipe Disasters

You have been successfully using Aunt Nora’s infallible Victoria Sponge recipe for years. Suddenly it seems the recipe it is no longer infallible. Problems with the door seal or the internal thermostat can affect an ovens ability to regulate its temperature. As any Bake Off viewer can tell you, temperature control is vital to achieving a successful bake.

Its Scorching

If you suddenly start to see burn marks on the worktops beside an oven it is possible the oven has simply moved and is now to close to the neighbouring kitchen units. If the oven has not moved it may be that there is a problem with a door seal and that is allowing heat to escape. Other heat related issues can be caused by a broken cooling fan. Fan problems will often result in the oven door or oven knobs becoming unusually hot.

There is a burnt bit 

If the heating element in your oven begins to fail you may find it takes far longer for the oven to reach the temperature you have set than you expect. Some ovens have more than one heating elements. If one of them has a problem the symptom to look out for is that food will not be cooked evenly so one side of a pizza could be burnt or cold whilst the other is cooked properly.

A problem with gas

Gas obviously poses particular safety issues and Gas Safe engineers are the proper people to consult if you have any doubts. Things to look out for with gas include, pilot lights going out, flames burning yellow rather than blue and broken ignition switches leaving you to try and manually light the flame.

Looks are not everything

Obviously oven cleaning can only go so far and will not fix scratches and dents. A tired looking oven may be enough on its own to make you decide it is time for a new one. If not, it is worth considering where the scratch is. Scratches on glass doors can cause a particular problem, i.e., the glass shattering, because the glass can become weakened by a deep scratch and over time become no longer strong enough to withstand the expansion and contraction caused by an oven heating and cooling.

Happy Cooking

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