Oven Cleaning Tip: Oven Door Hinges that Snap Shut

//Oven Cleaning Tip: Oven Door Hinges that Snap Shut

Oven Cleaning Tip: Oven Door Hinges that Snap Shut

If you take your oven door off to clean the glass one of the problems you can face is the hinge snapping shut. If that happens you will need the hinge open before you can put the door back on the oven. However, the springs that control oven doors are extremely strong, you will not be able, and should not try, to pull the hinge open with your fingers.

There are various types of oven door hinge but the most common will have a small hole at the top of the visible part of the hinge. To open such hinges you should:

  • Place the door on a flat surface such as a table or kitchen worktop.
  • The hinge should be face up.
  • Position the door so that the shut hinge slightly overhangs the flat surface edge.
  • Push a small screwdriver or a bradawl through the hole in the hinge.
  • Use a pair of pliers to grip the shaft of the screwdriver immediately on the other side of the hole from the screwdriver hilt, holding the hilt tight against the hinge.
  • A cloth positioned under the pliers will prevent them scratching the door.
  • Twist the pliers down, towards the bottom of the door. The hinge will start to open.
  • You will need to rotate the pliers some way before the hinge is fully open.
  • Once the hinge is fully open, make sure the locking catch is in place to prevent the hinge snapping shut again.
  • Remove the screwdriver and pliers.
  • Repeat for the other hinge if needed.

We hope that helps.

Seymours Oven Cleaning Team

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